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KPM 4.0 Standalone

We have also developed a standalone version of KeyPathwayMiner. You can download it as a tar or a zip file. NOTE: The standalone version available here is still 4.0 and not the latest 5.0. An update to 5.0 is currently under development.

Sample data

You can download the following (Right click--> Save Link as...) by clicking on the links.

A sample network
Sample gene expression data
Epigenetics (methylation) data
PPI network from Ulitsky et al. 2008
Huntington's disease gene expression data (down-regulated)
Huntington's disease gene expression data (up-regulated)
Huntington's disease gold standard extracted from KEGG pathways for Calcium signalling and Huntington's disease.

Webservice usage example in R:

This usage example consists of two files:

  • RESTful_KeyPathwayMiner.r defines methods for accessing the RESTful API programmatically in R
  • usage_examples_KeyPathwayMiner.r uses this methods in a few example calls using demo data provided further above. To use this code you can clone it via https://gist.github.com/mlist/86d80de64b376c1346d0