Exon-Level Analysis

Input an exonic region to map it to its corresponding protein domains/residues and to visualize the domain interactions. This feature is useful to analyze the effect of an alternative splicing event in the PPI.

Option 1: Input an Exon ID
Examples : ENSE00002224211 ; ENSE00003467097 ; ENSE00003586509 ; ENSE00001830743 ; ENSE00003652625 ; ENSE00003557822
Option 2: Input genomic coordinates of an exon.
Input format:     Ensembl Gene ID      Start      End
Example: ENSG00000117036 157135471 157135708
Option 3: Select an exon based on a transcript or a gene
Examples : BAG1 ; ENSG00000058404 ; ENSP00000489057 ; ENST00000016946 ; ENST00000346342 ; ENST00000409330 ; ENST00000557508